Geographical Features:

The vineyards are located in the Ribera Navarra, in the valley of the Rio Alhama and occupying the territories of Corella and Cintruénigo.

Climate features:

The climate of the area comes from the confluence of three types of climates: continental, Mediterranean and Atlantic.

Because of this confluence climate is defined as Mediterranean-continental, with sharp fluctuations in temperature between the winters, cold and summers hot. Isolated from the seas by the Pyrenees, the Basque-Cantabrian mountains, the Iberian and Catalan Cordilleras, receives therefore, little rainfall and low temperatures regulatory influence.

Frequent Wind, called cierzo, cold in winter, cool in summer, bleak and turbulent and great activator evaporation, causing some summer drought.

Rainfall is scarce, about 450 mm.

Insolation exceeds 2,500 hours per year

14-15 ° C mean annual temperature.

In July it reaches 25 °C average in January and 4-5 °C.



In the productive areas of vineyards there is a predominance of clay and limestone soils, and soils with clay and sandstone in areas known glacis