Minimum alcoholic strength: 11% vol.

Minimum total alcoholic strength: 11% vol.

Total sugars: the analytical requirements for total sugars, fit

as indicated in the Wine CMO.

Minimum total acidity: 4 g / l expressed as tartaric acid.

Volatile acidity: shall not exceed 0.8 g / l expressed as acetic acid except those that have undergone a process of aging. For aged wines, this limit volatile acidity will be increased by 0.06 grams per degree of alcohol in excess of ten degrees.

Total sulfur dioxide: 140 mg / l for wines with less sugar wealth to 5 g / l; and 190 mg / l for wines with wealth in excess of 5 g / l sugars.


Complete or partial fermentation in the presence of skins, previously destemmed grapes or not..